GreenGuard Certifications

Indoor Air Quality Certification ensures that products meet indoor air quality pollutant guidelines/standards.

Download the Green Guard Certificate in PDF format - Click here Download the Green Guard Certificate in PDF format - Click here

NSF51 Certification

This Standard is applicable to the materials and finishes used in the manufacture of food equipment (e.g., beverage dispenser, cutting board, work surfaces, etc).

Download the NSF51 Certificate - Click here

Fire Certification EN13501-1b

This is the European Fire classification relating to all construction products, including products incorporated within building elements. Products are considered in relation to their end use application. Hanex achieves EN13501-1b which is comparable to BS476 Class 0.

Download the EN13501-1b Fire Certification Report in PDF format Download thevEN13501-1b Fire Certification Report for Brionne products  in PDF format

Anti-Bacterial Certification (MRSA and E-Coli)

This is a mult-page document and may take several minutes to download, dependant on your internet connection speed. It relates to the S-008 N-White Antibacterial.

Download the anti-bacterial certification document

IMO Certification

IMO Res. A, 653(16) - Hanex Solid Surface sheets have been tested and considered to meet the requirements for low flame spread according to the requirement of bulkhead, celing, & dock finish materials specified in the annex of IMO. Res. A 653(16) .

Stain Resistance Report

Hanex is an acrylic solid surface material product with a high level of alumina trihydrate content as the filler, an ingredient which provides superior resistance to stains and chemicals. However, exposure to harsh chemicals should be avoided. In case of surface contamination, quickly flush affected area with a domestic gritty cleaner and water. Sand if necessary, as a rule of thumb, surface damage may vary with the chemical strength and exposure time.

View the Hanex Chemical and Stain Reistance report Download the Hanex Chemical and Stain Resistance Report in PDF format

Scientific Certification Systems

These certificates relate to recycled chips in use in our material.

Download the SCS 1974 Certificate in PDF format Download the SCS 1975 Certificate in PDF format Download the SCS 1976 Certificate in PDF format