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Hanwa Living & Creative Corporation
"Hanex" Acrylic Solid Surface Material
1. Chemical Product and Company Identification
Matterial Identification

Hanex (Hanex is a registered trademark of HANWA L&C CORP.)

Company Identification

Hanwa Living & Creative Corp.

Hanwa Bldg, 1 Changgyo-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact Details for information

Hanwa Living & Creative Corp.

Hanwa Bldg, 1 Changgyo-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Ph: +82 2 729 1591

Fax: +82 2 729 1447

Hanex USA

14522 Myford Rd.

Irvine, CA 92606

Tel: 714-734-2200

Fax: 714-734-2222


2. Composition and information on ingredients
Component CAS %
Polymethylmethacrylate 8011-14-7 >30
Alumina Trihydrate 21645-51-2 <70


(Degradation product)

80-62-6 <1
Heated above 300 deg C, "HANEX" can release
3. Fire-Fighting Measures and explosion hazard
Flammable properties

"HANEX" can be combusted only with difficulty.

Hazardous gases/vapors produced in fire are carbon monoxide, methyl methacrylate, aldehydes

Extinguishing media
Water, Dry-chemical, CO2
Fire fighting instructions

Keep personnel removed and upwind of fire.

Wear self-contained breathing apparatus

4. Accidental release measures
Safeguard (Personnel)

NOTE: Review FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES and HANDLING (PERSONNEL) sections before proceeding with clean-up

Use appropriate PERSONAL PROTECTIVE during clean-up

Spill clean up

Recover undamaged and minimally contaminated material for rescue and reclaimation

5. Handling and storage
HandlinG (Personnel)

Avoid breathing dust

Avoid breathing fumes generated during sawing, routing or drilling

Handling (Physical aspects)

Avoid dust generation


Store in a cool place

6. Exposure controls and personal protection
Engineering controls (ventilaton)

Use ventilation that is adequate to keep employee to air bourne concentration below exposure limits

Peronal protection

Protective equipment: EYE FACE PROTECTION

Wear safety glasses during operations such as sawing, drilling or routing

7. Toxological information
Skin/Eye Irritant

The compound is not a skin or eye irritant and is not a skin sensitizer in animals.

Single or repeated ingestion produced mild degenerative changes of liver and kidney.

Methyl methacrylate

The compound is a skin irritant, is a moderate eye irritant, and is a skin sensitizer in animals.


The compound is untested for skin and eye irritant, and is untested for animal sensitization.

Acute Toxicity (LC50)

POLYMETHYLMETHACRYLATE: >2MG/1, 4hr LC50(Inhalation/Rat)

METHYL METHACRYLATE: 7093PPM/4hr LC50(Inhalation/Rat)

Acute toxicity (LD50)

POLYMETHYLMETHACRYLATE: >2000mg/kg, 4hr LD50(Oral/Cat)


8. Ecological Information

No information is available


No information is available

Aquatic toxicity

No information is available

9. Disposal considerations

Dispose in accordance with federal, state and local regulations

The owner of the material is responsible for proper waste disposal.

10. Other Information

The data in this Material Safety Data Sheet relates only to the specific material designated herein and does not

relate to use in combinations with any other materials or in any process.

Responsibility for MSDS: "HANEX" products
End of MSDS

Download the MSDS for Hanex - Click here